Description: Boylston Water District

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Improvements & Public Notices

Groundwater Protection District bylaw - 2000
This is an overlay district superimposed on the zoning districts of the Town. This overlay district shall apply to all new construction or expansion of existing buildings and new or expanded uses. Applicable activities/uses in a portion of one of the underlying zoning districts must additionally comply with the requirements of this district. Uses prohibited in the underlying zoning districts shall not be permitted in the Groundwater Protection District.

Formation of one District - 2002
The Morningdale and Boylston Water Districts were combined to form one District for the town. This allowed the elimination of duplicate expenses and created the ability to borrow State and Federal funds, if needed.

Storage Tanks - 2003
Complete rehabilitation of the Cutler Rd and Digital water tanks. The interior of the tanks was sand blasted and recoated with a two-coat epoxy. The exterior of the tanks were power washed, spot primed, and repainted. The Cutler Road tank also had a second hatch installed and the overflow pipe was extended. The cost for this project was $148,000.

Description: Cutler Road and Digital water tanks

Water System Upgrades - 2006
The following project includes 3 major components and is subject to public bidding and prevailing wage requirements under MGL Chapter 30. The construction cost estimate is approximately $130,000.00

  • Installation of a Chlorine Injection System - Pump Station #3 - as recommended in 2004 by D.E.P. This system will allow for implementation of water system chlorinating in the event of detection of bacteria in the water system, and is an emergency provision. System components will include chemical storage tanks, a chemical metering pump and injection point, a chlorine analyzer, appropriate fail-safes and alarms. The basic design has already been approved by D.E.P., however, a more detailed set of plans and specifications are required for public bidding.
  • Adams St. Booster Station - Replace the domestic water pumps and motor controls. Currently, one of the three domestic water pumps doesn’t run and the other two pumps run continuously regardless of water demand. This results in high electrical costs and generally inefficient operation. The proposed project includes replacement of the domestic water pumps and the installation of variable frequency drives and associated control equipment to maintain constant system pressure with reductions in electrical costs. The pump controls will be integrated with the existing fire pump, automatic transfer switch, and an auxiliary power unit in the facility.
  • Well #5 - Removal of the 40 h.p. vertical turbine pump and motor controls. It will be replaced with a 60 horse power vertical turbine pump controlled with a variable frequency drive. This will increase the flow rate from the well to match well #4 and eliminate water hammer on pump start-up. This portion of the construction phase of the project is to be funded by Signature Homes as part of the water system improvements required for the Compass Point development.


From May 1st to September 30th, non-essential outdoor water use is only allowed two days per week, and before 9:00 AM and after 5:00 PM.

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