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Water Districts FAQs

From May 1st to September 30th, non-essential outdoor water use is only allowed two days per week, and before 9:00 AM and after 5:00 PM.


Boylston Water District Connection Rates

Please see Rules and Regulations on our Main Page....


Fluoridation of drinking water is a controversial topic. 122 of the 351 cities and towns in Massachusetts fluoridate their water at a concentration of 1p/pm. Studies Have Shown Fluoride to reduce tooth decay, and people who live in areas with Fluoride treatment are advised to give children Fluoride tablets.

A proposal to add fluoride to our water could be met with opposition from the community. Most people do not realize that chemicals are added to drinking water, and often fluoride addition is the first time they have had to consider the concept of chemical addition. The Boylston Water District only adds potassium hydroxide for corrosion purposes. Our customers have the highest quality of drinking water in the whole state of Massachusetts and we want to keep it that way.